Local Chef Services

La Casa Pietra

Chef’s services - email us at lacasapietrainfo@gmail.com for bookings and pricing

In 2022 Cinzia, a local young chef, offered, on request, to cook evening meals for visitors at La Casa Pietra.This year Cinzia is ready to offer other services. These include the chef, by arrangement, preparing breakfast or lunch or dinner for visitors.

This new project consists, for anyone who wishes, of professional cooking services, provided at La Casa Pietra so that visitors can enjoy the quality of a restaurant without leaving La Casa Pietra.

Visitors can choose between different proposals of culinary services, for example: preparation of dinners, lunches or breakfasts.

By arrangement, it is also possible to organize events such as birthdays or private parties.


Breakfast is the most important meal!!

Visitors can choose between different breakfast proposals.

The first proposal is the original Italian breakfast.

The visitors can enjoy their breakfast, with brioches or cornetti with many different fillings that can be paired with a cup of original Italian coffee.

Another proposal is a continental breakfast.

Guests can choose between savory or sweet versions for their breakfast.

The savory option will include cold cuts like ham, prosciutto crudo or salami as well as cheese, eggs cooked in differents way and bacon.

The sweet option will include yogurt that can be mixed with home made muesli, honey, jam or fruits.

For drinks, visitors can choose their favorite juice from the wide range of types offered and, by request, hot drinks such as tea and coffee can be prepared.

The meals will be prepared at La Casa Pietra and served by the chef! 


The chef can also, by arrangement, come and cook lunch.

The chef's menu is already available to be consulted and visitors can decide the courses they prefer.

Follow the seasonality..

Each option of the menu is designed to follow the seasonality of the products that the area offers as much as possible, so as to obtain a higher quality than the use of imported and out-of-season products.

It is therefore possible that with the changing of the seasons some ingredients of the menu may change.


All products used are obtained without the use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and therefore are exclusively BIO and organic products.

The raw materials are produced in the local area, allowing for a short supply chain which aims at the protection of natural resources and the cooperation of local producers.

An example is the chef's family, which has owned a farm for 80 years, where each process follows specific rules in respect of the environment.

For several generations the farm has been managed to remain a reality rooted in tradition.

Already from the older generations it has always been taught to be humble, respect the environment and the importance of obtaining the best result from a qualitative point of view, despite the hard work involved.

For these reasons ingredients such as eggs, meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, some types of cheese and some types of flour (corn flour) will be produced right on the farm!

All animals are bred and raised with all respect and care they need, following precise rules.

High quality Foods paired with excellent Wines

Piedmont being one of the regions with the highest number of certified products, most of the ingredients in the menu will have a quality certification.

Some examples are Robiola di Roccaverano DOP (Denominazione di Origine  Protetta), IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) hazelnuts and meat from the Piedmontese Fassona cattle bred on the chef's family’s farm.

Each course on the menu can be paired with the appropriate wine to enhance its qualities.

Wines that make excellent combinations with Piedmontese dishes are Barbera, Dolcetto, Chardonnay and the sweet dessert wine Moscato D’ Asti.

All these Wines are produced by local vineyards.

Wines from futher away include Barolo and Barbaresco, both made from the Nebbiolo grapes.

All these wines are classified by specific acronyms, which describe their excellent quality. The better quality Italian wines are classified as –

DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) or

DOG (Denominazione Origine Controllata).

Cooking lessons for  everyone

 Another service that may be greatly appreciated by visitors is the cooking classroom service.

This is a proposal aimed at visitors of all ages but for children it could be a wonderful experience.

The dishes prepared can include traditional Italian dishes, particularly Piedmontese ones, such as fresh pasta, lasagna and dessert (Tiramisù, cakes) but also Pizza and Focaccia.

After the foods have been cooked, they will be served, as a meal, so everyone can enjoy the excellent work done!!

Gastronomic souvenirs

Another service is the offer of foods and snacks.

Visitors may wish to take home with them a selection of local products such as:

  • Fresh pasta like tagliatelle;
  • Different types of Robiola di Roccaverano;
  • Small pastries such as baci di dama (a local speciality), lavender biscuits, meringues, tarts;
  • Breadsticks flavored with garlic or herbs or cheese or the classic one, flavoured only with salt flakes and olive oil;
  • Snacks of sugared or salted hazelnuts  and so on!!!

These can be enjoyed by guests during their holiday at La Casa Pietra or taken home as a little memory their stay in Italy!!!